About Us

We started off as a group of mini-z enthusiasts racing the mini-z in the park, void decks and basketball courts.

We manage to get hold of a set of used RCP track and a core lap counter back in 2008. We then signed up as a interest group with Sembawang RC and we were granted 350C canberra multi purpose hall for our weekly races. As we race, we realised that the setup of the track takes up a lot of time and the worst thing is there is limited supply of replacement and hop-up parts locally.

In 2009, we started Atomic Collective and landed ourself in a small little shop about 1000 sq feet @ 13 Transit Road. The track was only 6 x 4 metres and we only had pit tables for 10 people. There was no air condition and traction on the track was erratic. The group grew from about 10 to 20 regular racers and we knew that we had to find a new home, a bigger home.

With a new partnership, we started MINI-Z SG and we decided to throw in more money to build a world class place for MINI-Z racing. We then shifted to where we are now – Woodlands 11. We doubled the space, the track, the pits and even air-condition the entire space. We reworked out inventory and we have also tripled our holding stocks. Mini-Z SG is now one of S.E.A biggest Mini-Z shop with the most parts, the best racing environment and grippiest track.

We have also build a team of elite Mini-Z racers (Team SG) and the team has won numerous races in the region. We have also held one of the world’s biggest Mini-Z race all time PNWC @ marine parade cc last year in 2014.

Enough said, if it is Mini-z racing you are looking at you know where you can find us :)


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